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Research activities focus on handling quality studies and the respective models and methods. Understanding of pilot-airplane interaction is of vital importance. Essential tools for analyses in this field are flight simulation with the research simulator SEPHIR (Simulator for Educational Projects and Highly Innovative Research, under construction) and with the certified Airbus A330/340 Full-Flight-Simulator at the institute.

Impact of aeroelastic deformations and complex flow conditions is being calculated with special, real-time methods developed at the department of Flight Mechanics.

Current research projects include:

  • Impact of wake vortices on flight safety
  • Development of pilot models
  • Handling quality analysis of elastic airplanes
  • Simulator studies of lownoise approach procedures supported by novel control surfaces
  • Optimization of flight simulator motion cueing for specific research requirements

Research Topics

Flight Mechanics
Flight Control
Interaction pilot-aircraft

  • Flyability
  • Handling qualities
  • Pilot models
Simulation models

  • Atmosphere
  • Wake vortices
Flight control laws for

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Manned Aircraft
Flight control systems

Flight simulation
  • Aeroservoelastics
  • A330/A340 Full-Flight-Simulator

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