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Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and AeroelasticityBook "Flight Control"


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Book Flugregelung (Flight Control)


Brockhaus, Rudolf, 
Alles, Wolfgang, 
Luckner, Robert

3rd, revised edition, 2011, XXIII,
931 Pages, 544 Illustrations 

ISBN 978-3-642-014420    

Download Section

On this page you will find supplementary materials to the book "Flugregelung" (Flight Control):

  1. Matlab® scripts for example calculations,
  2. An overview list with terms and definitions.

The scripts are based on Matlab® 2010b code. With this, the following can be calculated for the data of six example aircrafts provided in the appendix. These are:

  • Derivatives
  • State space representation
  • Eigenvalues
  • Frequency Responses
  • Root locus curves and
  • Time responses

The source code is commented. To use the code with other Matlab® versions or in other computer algebra systems, such as Octave or SciLab, adaptations may be necessary.

The source code is intended exclusively for non-commercial use. Any industrial or commercial use of the source code requires the permission of the authors.

File Download

The files are continuously updated. So far available are:

  1. Terms and Definitions (as of 01.12.2011)
  2. Replacement sizes for longitudinal and lateral motion for the example aircrafts specified in Annex A2 (status: 30.10.2011)
  3. Bode diagrams, step responses, pole/zero and root locus curves for the example aircrafts given in Annex A2 (as at 30.10.2011)
  4. Erratum list (as of 30.10.2011)
  5. Documentation on the calculation program "FR_calc" (as at 30.10.2011)
  6. Calculation program "FR_calc" for the calculation of equivalent quantities, state space representation, eigenvalues, frequency responses, root locus curves and time responses (as of 30.10.2011)

File Download


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