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Analysis of Control Surface Configurations for Aerodynamic Load Alleviation
Zitatschlüssel Schl201
Autor Caroline Schlemmer and Lina Dehmlow and Flávio José Silvestre
Buchtitel AIAA Scitech 2020 Forum
Jahr 2020
DOI 10.2514/6.2020-1188
Zusammenfassung Active load alleviation systems provide great potential to reduce aerodynamic loads that act on flexible wing structures causing fatigue effects. Thus, numerous research studies focus on aeroservoelastic technologies to improve the potential of these alleviation systems. Many research results show various approaches for the design of the controller itself whereas publications on geometric parameters of control surface layouts are comparatively limited. Therefore, this study investigates geometric parameters of control surfaces such as position, size and number. Their influence on the capabilities of a control surface configuration for active load alleviation is investigated using an aeroelastic model of a cantilevered flat plate. The investigation focuses on how the dimension, position, as well as the number of wing-mounted trailing edge flaps change the corresponding aeroelastic transfer functions. In addition, variations of the structural model and the flight condition are examined. The long-range goal is to develop a method for optimizing control surfaces that are used for load alleviation or flutter suppression. To reach this goal, the present analysis emphasizes the potential of correlating the geometric parameters of a control surface layout with the physical shapes to control modal deflections.
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