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A Flight Simulator Study of an Energy Control System for Manual Flight
Zitatschlüssel schreiter2019flight
Autor Schreiter, Karolin and Müller, Simon and Luckner, Robert and Manzey, Dietrich
Seiten 672–683
Jahr 2019
ISSN 2168-2305
DOI 10.1109/THMS.2019.2938138
Journal IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
Jahrgang 49
Nummer 6
Monat Dec
Verlag IEEE
Zusammenfassung This article describes a flight simulator study to validate a new command control system for longitudinal load factor $n_x$. The system is called nxControl and actuates thrust, speedbrakes, and wheel brakes that directly influence the total energy state of the aircraft. It aims at manually flying with higher precision and lower workload. After a brief overview of the functionality of nxControl and its cockpit interfaces, the key results of earlier proof-of-concept simulator studies are summarized. The focus lies on the comprehensive flight simulator study with 24 airline pilots to conclusively evaluate the complete system. The task was a highly demanding approach trajectory containing segmented-continuous-descent in gusty wind conditions, touch-down, deceleration, and taxi as well as engine failure at low altitude. With nxControl, the pilots achieved higher precision in airspeed and energy control with lower workload compared to conventional manual thrust control. In addition, nxControl achieved safety benefits in case of an engine failure.
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