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Wake Vortex



The Coordination Action WakeNet3-Europe promotes multidisciplinary exchange between scientific and operational specialists in the field of wake vortex turbulence. It enables the development of a shared view on how to address capacity-related issues caused by wake turbulence. It continues the Thematic Networks WakeNet and WakeNet2-Europe. more to: WakeNet3-Europe



VERA-C is a research project that investigates the impact of vortex distortion on the severity of vortex encounters. It is funded by the German Research Foundation. more to: VERA-C



Terminated Projects


Visualisierte Wirbelschleppe
Visualisierte Wirbelschleppe der VFW 614-ATTAS beim Start

CREDOS was a 3-year project funded by the European Commission (EC) and co-ordinated by EUROCONTROL. The project is being performed by 11 partners with additional support from the FAA and NASA. CREDOS aims to demonstrate the validity of reducing departure separations under conditions of sufficient crosswind. more to: CREDOS



Topic of the S-WAKE project is enhanced research of aircraft encountering wake vortices and the influence on flight safety. more to: S-WAKE

Wake Vortex Encounter


Wake vortices behind lift generating aircraft can have considerable influence on following aircraft if these encounter the wake vortices directly. Some accidents of recent years, mainly involving small private airplanes, have shown (...) more to: Wake Vortex Encounter

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